Rocky1138's Arcade

Sorry for how terrible this looks. I'm too busy making games to make this look pretty :)

Enjoy the games!

Note: If a game asks you to press 'A', press 'Z'.


Fingerpainting, artwork, and drawing have long been soothing and rehabilitating for people with disabilities, especially those who are non-verbal. This project is my attempt to make 3d drawing as accessible as putting pen to paper in the hopes that immersing disabled people in their creations will only serve to strengthen the connection they have with their outlet.

Left-click to break blocks, Shift-left-click to place them.


My failed entry for Ludum Dare 26. The theme for that game jam was "minimalist." That should explain the graphics!

What's the highest score you can get?

Use the arrow keys to collect the pixels before they touch the origin!


BastardBlaster Logo

The story: in order to live a long life of peace, humans living around the year 2055 had found a way to discard all negative points of life. Unfortunately, instead of simply disappearing, they were sent to outer space. Now, thousands of years later, space is full and it's your job as a BastardBlaster to destroy the overflowing mass of annoying objects floating in the galaxy.

The game is built using the Akihabara Javascript game engine and runs in your browser. The music was supplied by David K Newton and the art by Margaret Gissing.

Though the game is not feature complete, it is playable and currently in Alpha stage. Feel free to blast empty pizza boxes and Blue Screens of Death in space!

Try playing this game on your Wii or on the iPhone! Pretty cool!